Safe In Your Space brings a unique approach to assessing the homes of Seniors and people living with disabilities. The home assessments are performed by licensed Physical Therapists or Occupational Therapists through our network providers. These highly trained healthcare professionals understand the relationship between the home environment and a person’s ability to function in that environment.Our goal is to provide the highest degree of flexibility in the home while simultaneously maximizing the independence of those people who are experiencing a decline in their functional abilities. The home assessments are focused on the person and how well that person performs activities of daily living within his/her home environment.

By combining information about the person’s current abilities as well as his/her home environment, the PT/OT can recommend simple changes to the home that will best support the life style of the person living in the home.

A mismatch between the home environment and a person with declining functional abilities will make it more difficult to carry out seemingly simple activities like taking a shower or bath, using the toilet, brushing your hair, washing the dishes, or getting dressed. Mismatches like these can easily lead to accidents, including falls.

Safe In Your Space will make every attempt to prevent such mismatches from happening. As the needs of an older person or person with a disability change, services and the housing environment should adapt.

Safe In Your Space not only gives you access to expert knowledge and best available products, but also professional installation which keeps you comfortable, and functional in the environment within which you choose to live.

We are here to help you.