Safe in Your Space – Long-Term Care Statistics

As you or your loved one begin to enter later years, safety, comfort and accessibility become extremely important. Safe In Your Space provides the necessary home modifications to increase the quality of life, safety and independence for those who want to age in their place. AARP has identified some of the housing features that seniors find especially important:

  • Safety features such as non-slip floor surfaces (80%)
  • Bathroom aides such as grab bars(79%)
  • A personal alert system that allows people to call for help in emergencies(79%)
  • Entrance without steps(77%)
  • Wider doorways(65%)
  • Lever-handled doorknobs (54%)
  • Higher electrical outlets(46%)
  • Lower electrical switches(38%)

Most of these features do not currently exist in senior homes. As you or your loved one age in place, it is our priority to make the necessary home modifications that enable you or your loved one to live an independent and safe lifestyle. Safe In Your Space makes the best product recommendations using certified OTs or PTs to assess and analyze your specific needs. Seniors have made home modifications for the following reasons:

  • 70% said they made home modifications for safety reasons
  • 65% wanted to make the home easier to use by all family members
  • 60% wanted to increase their ability to live independently
  • 55% wanted to provide flexibility to adapt to the changing needs of family members

If you or your loved one wants to make the home safer for these or any other reason, trust Safe In Your Space will provide the qualified expertise to analyze, recommend and install the necessary products for your specific needs.

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