Safe In Your Space – Our Story


Safe in Your Space is a family owned and operated business that was conceived by practicing Physical Therapists with a lifetime of knowledge and experience in Home Care.  We are a team of people who came together from a variety of backgrounds to accomplish the common goal of getting people the proper attention and solutions for their mobility challenges.  All the while having the peace of mind and dignity to have those challenges addressed where they feel the safest and most comfortable – in their own home.

As Physical Therapists, we have always taken great pride in helping our clients maximize their functional independence and improve their quality of life.   We have constantly tried to address safety awareness and educate our clients on falls and other risks in the home.  Unfortunately, a growing number of our clients (even the ones with the best safety intentions) were falling and often times, sustaining serious injuries at home.  The problem was that other than making suggestions about safety and equipment, we had no way to make sure our clients were safe throughout the day.

We found that the one place people most desired to be, their home, was the main reason they were at risk. Despite ordering adaptive equipment such as tub benches, grab bars and elevated toilet seats, people remained unsafe and at risk because these items wound up not being delivered on time, or were installed incorrectly or unsafely. It would take a dozen phone calls to find the right equipment and then a dozen more to find a skilled person to install it correctly. In talking with like-minded professionals we found they were getting the same questions and experiencing the same frustrations.

We knew there had to be a better way. That’s when the idea for “Safe in Your Space” began.

We knew we could bring together the expert home assessment, high quality products to address any safety risks and the skilled professionals to complete the installation.  At Safe in Your Space we eliminate the frustration of working with several companies by bundling both expert services and top quality products. Our recommendations, modifications, products and installations are designed to give peace of mind and dignity to our clients and enable them to feel the safest and most comfortable in the place they desire to be most – in their own home.