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Safe in Your Space carries a wide variety of ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant Home Care products all of which are tailored to help us create an environment for you (or your loved ones) that is functional, stress-free and most importantly, safe.

At Safe In Your Space we pride ourselves on being a company that provides high quality, economical solutions.  Our modifications are all installations.  There is little or no construction that is preformed, reducing  the disruption in your lives and achieving your mobility goals.

While Safe In Your Space prides itself on executing high quality, economical and low impact solutions, we are also a company of many abilities.  To that end, if you have a specific need that you do not see addressed on this site, please reach out to us and let us know how we can help.  We will asses your request and let you know if it’s within our capabilities.  If it is not, we may be able to refer you to someone who can help.


SecureMount™ Grab Bars


Grab bars aren’t just safety devices for hospitals and public restrooms. In your own home, a strategically placed and solidly anchored grab bar can mean the difference between a relaxing bath and a trip to the emergency room.

Grab bars offer support while getting in and out of the bathtub, reducing the risk of a fall. Wall-mounted grab bars, installed properly into walls that are in good condition, are more stable than tub mounted bars. Tub-mounted bars attach directly on the bathtub, but they must be used with caution as they can easily detach when used incorrectly.  Safe In Your Space experts know the difference and how to install the best products for your specific needs.

It is recommended that bathrooms be equipped with grab bars in the tub, by the toilet and in transition areas.

It is important to note that Safe In Your Space uses SecureMount™ grab bar mounting brackets. This allows us to mount grab bars at exactly the height and location that is ideal for each of our clients to maximize comfort, utility and safety without sacrificing the amount of weight each grab bar can hold. Our SecureMount™ systems are Independently tested by CSA and NAHB laboratories to exceed ADA, ASTM, ANSI and CSA standards and can hold 300 to 1000 pounds of weight. To Learn More about the SecureMount™ system Click Here.

A few examples of our SecureMount™ Grab Bar product line:

Triple your safety.

It is recommended that bathrooms be equipped with grab bars in the tub, by the toilet and in transition areas.

Who Should Use Grab Bars?

Everyone! People of all ages and abilities can benefit from using grab bars. From mature adults who need a little assistance to get around safely, to those with disabilities and even young children to help them navigate the bathroom safely.


What Can A Grab Bar Do For You?

• Reduce your risk of falling in the tub or shower.

• Help you steady yourself while getting into and out of the bathtub or shower.

• Assist in safely lowering and raising yourself from a seated position.

How Many Grab Bars Do I Need And Where Should They Be Installed?

Health professionals typically recommend three grab bars in a bathroom:

• At least one along the back wall in the bathtub or shower.

• At least one along the showerhead wall.

• At least one near the toilet.

Other appropriate locations will be evaluated by our assessment experts and recommended to you in our assessment report. We also encourage you to discuss any requests you may have for a specific grab bar placement with the assessment expert

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Integrated Designer Grab Bars

Our Integrated Designer Grab Bars combine security and convenience with style and sophistication. The multi-function design allows you to increase safety while reducing clutter in the bathroom.  And the sleek look of the grab bars will enhance any décor.

Designer Grab Bar with Integrated Paper Holder

Available in beautiful Brushed Nickel finish, this SecureMount™ grab bar provides extra stability and security while reducing clutter in your bath.

Designer Grab Bar with Integrated Towel Bar

With its dual function design, this SecureMount™ grab bar reduces the need for multiple fixtures and can also be used as a transition grab bar outside the shower or bath.

Designer Grab Bar with Integrated Shelf

This attractive SecureMount™ grab bar supports up to 250 lbs. and enhances safety by keeping bath necessities close by.

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Toilet Safety

Raised toilet seats are medical devices specifically designed to allow the person with limited mobility to safely and confidently use the restroom without assistance or pain. More than 25 million Americans suffer with arthritis, limited mobility and chronic joint pain and they struggle continually with the daily activities that many of us take for granted.

There are hundreds of designs, various methods of attachment and multiple elevations available so it is important that your individual needs are assessed to achieve the proper fit.  The Safe In Your Space PT or OT will address all of the different variables like your height and weight as well as, your specific condition in their home assessment.  This will ensure that they select the perfect raised toilet seat for each individual.

Untitled-1Height: Higher elevated toilet seats decrease the distance between the user and the toilet and apply less strain on the hips and knees when sitting and standing. Due to the many different makes and models of toilets, the amount of elevation needed for your toilet seat riser must be considered. Most all elevated toilet seats and toilet seat risers will range in height from 2 inches to 6 inches. The higher the seat, the less flexion is required in your hips and knees, making it easier to sit down and stand up. If your toilet seat is too high, however, you will feel unstable. The ideal height is one where your feet are flat on the floor. Lower or higher elevations allow the user to cater to their specific injury or disability and to their specific toilet.

Stability: The security and stability of a toilet seat riser can vary greatly as they can be styled and secured in a number of different ways. Some toilet seat elevators are very thick and stable, with arms and locking clamps designed for users with balance issues and security concerns. Others are simple padded risers, secured with Velcro straps or non-skid pads. The balance and stability of the user will determine the needed stability of the seat elevator.

Weight: Most every raised toilet seat and toilet elevator is rated for a standard weight capacity of at least 250 lbs. The specific weight of the user will determine the best toilet elevator option; the heavier the user is, the higher the weight capacity will need to be for your chosen device. Heavy-duty or bariatric toilet elevators and seat risers may need to be considered for the overweight user.

Shower Chairs and Transfer Benches

Shower chairs allow for added comfort and safety when bathing or showering while Transfer Benches provides a safe and easy transfer in and out of the tub. Coupled with the right hand shower, bathing comfort and even independence can be safely had once again.

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Handheld Showers

Installing the correct handheld shower can give you additional freedom while bathing.  Whether you’re seated or standing, a handheld shower gives you many options on how to maintain proper hygiene in the bath.  We have many different options to choose from ranging from models with multiple flow settings that are easy to adjust with one hand to models that are ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand specifically for those with reduced grip strength.


Tub Grip Safety Bars

Tub Grip Safety Bars offer support while getting in and out of the bathtub, reducing the risk of a fall.  Safe In Your Space experts will asses your personal capabilities as well as your bathroom space and determine if a tub grip safety bar makes sense for your needs.

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Tub Treads

Simple and inexpensive additions like tub treads when coupled with other thoughtful safety measures, can help dramatically decrease the chance of injury in the bathroom.  While something like tub reads may be simple, they are part of the whole home strategy that Safe In Your Space takes to increase safety, efficiency and  confidence for you in your bathroom and entire home.

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Wall Mounted Soap Dispenser

Wall mounted soap dispensers can reduce clutter in the bathroom, especially in the shower, where excessive shampoo and soap bottles can lead to accidents.   Wall mounted dispensers can also help people with limited mobility as these dispensers can be mounted at different heights in the bathroom or shower.