The Safe in Your Space Program

Safe in Your Space arranges a professional assessment of your specific situation, issues a report of recommended products and modifications to meet your particular needs and schedules the work to satisfy your requirements.

Safe in Your Space provides access to professionals who will complete the entire process for you.

Step 1: The Home Assessment.

A home assessment is a complete examination of the home environment or a specified region to determine the accessibility of the home while considering the client’s functional ability and taking into account the assistive devices that are currently being utilized or may be utilized in the future.

Safe in Your Space provides access to our organization of certified Physical or Occupational Therapists who will perform an in depth assessment as it relates to your specific needs. Physical and Occupational Therapists bring an expertise as well as a broad perspective to home modification. Click to Learn More.

Physical and Occupational Therapists are more focused on the person and how the person is able to complete activities of daily living in their environment. The Assessment utilizes information about the current abilities and the existing environment of the client. This unique approach is then combined to determine how changes to the environment will best support the abilities of the individual.


Step 2: We Supply You with the Report on Recommended Modifications

After careful analysis of your home and your specific individual needs, the Therapist will create a detailed report of the findings and recommendations for making the home more accessible including pictures of the issues that were found.  This will be a comprehensive analysis stating specifically what they determine needs to be done to achieve your goals for better and easier living in your own space. Click to Learn More:

Examples of possible recommendations might include: The addition of grab bars, raised toilet seats, lever door handles and shower seats.  These recommendations are simple and yet provide improvements to the way in which the space can be used to make it more comfortable.


Step 3: The Installation

Once you decide that you want to proceed, Safe in Your Space will arrange to have the recommended products purchased for you through our network providers. Installation of the product and any necessary modifications can then be arranged. All technicians are licensed, will be wearing identifications and will call you one half hour before they arrive. Click to Learn More.

It is our goal to provide you with access to a complete end to end expertly assessed and installed package.

Let us help you feel Safe In Your Space!

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