Safe in Your Space – Why YOU Should Stay at Home?

As we get older, our bodies begin to experience reduced eyesight, poorer balance, reduced flexibility, among other ailments. Ordinary and simple tasks at home tend to become increasingly difficult. We begin to make changes to our lifestyles to adapt to our specific needs. With a few modifications, you or your loved one can continue performing your daily activities in your home. However, the question that still persists, why should you stay in your home?

1. Live independently: Adjusting the environment to fit your abilities can improve your ability to function in the environment and increase your safety in your living space. With our healthcare professional assessment, Safe In Your Space’s goal is to improve your quality of life and to make your home safer. Our comprehensive assessment involves you, recognizes your individual differences, and is sensitive to your particular needs. We will identify the home modifications that are most useful and fitting for you. That is why Safe In Your Space only uses healthcare professionals who focus on you or your loved one and how you or your loved one is able to complete activities of daily living in the home.
2. Reduce risks: A mismatch between the environment and a person with declining ability makes it more difficult to carry out daily life activities and increases the risk of accidents such as falls. Home modification is one of the key factors to fall risk reduction. When home modifications are combined with a medical risk assessment and follow-up, as well as physical activity, fall risks can be greatly decreased. With Safe In Your Space, you make the home environment work for you, not the other way around.
3. Reduce Healthcare Costs: As we get older, healthcare costs tend to increase.  Over the years, the overall cost of care among facility-based providers has steadily increased and falls continue to be the leading cause of increasing healthcare costs. Home modification is a cost effective strategy to reduce these costs by reducing risks in the home and delaying institutionalization. In a study of people age 72 and older, the average health care cost of a fall injury totaled $19,440, which included hospital, nursing home, emergency room, and home health care, but not doctors’ services. Fortunately, most these healthcare costs are preventable.

You have options and control over your environment and the changes you make to it. With a little help from Safe In Your Space, you can age in your place safely, comfortably, and independently.

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